The first Jolly Dog store opened in the fall of  1997 at Shipwreck Landing in Coral Bay. We took over a space formerly known as “Coral bay Cabana”. It was a small space tucked on the end of Tallship Trading Company, nearest to the road, where Pizzabar is today.

The second Jolly Dog store opened at Wall Street Complex (aka Skinny Legs) less than 8 months later at a space formerly know as TuTu Tango and is the front half of the main concrete building you see today. Initially we called this location “Coconut Trading Company”, but everyone else called it Jolly Dog, so we renamed it! This space is now occupied by Mumbo Jumbo.

Both Jolly Dog locations (at Shipwreck and Skinny Legs) ran concurrently, for a number of years.Eventually we moved the Jolly Dog store at Shipwreck Landing into the middle, stand alone building when it became available, a space that had been formerly occupied by Sugar Apple boutique. This building was once upon a time a gas station! Over at Wall Street, We opened a second store, all 150 ft of glory, known as “the Doghouse” in 2002 (???) This space was formerly occupied by a local architect, and now serves as  Connections mail room. We closed the Shipwreck location down in 2010 and ran the 2 stores at Wall Street complex until 2017, when everything changed

 We opened “Virgin Territory”, a 3rd store, at the recently renovated Isola Shoppes (formerly know as Voyages Building which had been long defunct)) in March of 2017. Two back to back Hurricanes in Sep. of 2017, Irma and Maria (“Irmaria” collectively) destroyed St. John, our economy and much of the islands infrastructure, as well as much  of our space and merchandise At The Wall Street Complex. We made the choice to move forward  in our new home at Isola Shoppes (A very sturdy masonry building with roll down shutters which survived Irma and Maria without trouble)   and have forged our path forward there ever since. 

We expanded the footprint of Jolly Dog in 2021, more than doubling our square footage to what it is today. As well, we also branched into jewelry business with the launch of our sister store, Zemi Island Designs in 2019. In 2022 we added onto Zemi, again doublingour square footage to what it is today, and serves as Coral Bays only jewelry store.